2 thoughts on “Heuristic for Visual Analysis of Advocacy Campaign

  1. Your analysis is excellent and very thorough! I’m glad you touched on the sexual nature of the image, especially. I had no idea that was her son in the image with her, and thought it was 2x as creepy that he was holding the waist and torso of his (implied) bare torso’d Mom. There’s nothing inherently sexual about torsos, breasts, or breastfeeding, but this campaign definitely took a left turn in the wrong direction when picking out their visuals. Perhaps a warm-toned mother/son image showing the son doing something he was talented at, and the mother pleased as punch (with the same text) would have worked a bit better.

  2. Just confirming the awesomeness of this. I think this is a fabulous example of a heuristic that is rhetorically valuable.

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